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Growatt 5000TL Inverter

But I was told to buy a SMA as they are the best’
The German magazine Photon that reviews all Solar inverters and panels and is the reference ‘bible’ in the industry, put the top selling SMA Sunny Boy German made Inverter in Australia only 12th, equal by the way, with the chinese made Growatt inverters. Those higher on the list are either not sold here at the moment or are for much larger solar installations than would be found in a house.

Anyway, you must tread your own path, but as they say “Just because it’s repeated a lot, doesn’t make it true”.

Growatt is one of the most prolific solar inverter brands in Australia, with a reputation for affordability. The company manufactures grid-connect inverters for a range of residential and commercial solar power system sizes. Founded in 2010, Growatt has recently founded its Australian subsidiary, Growatt Australia Pty Ltd; the company’s Australian office is in Melbourne.

Solar Systems

About Growatt Solar Inverters

Growatt produces a range of transformerless (TL) solar inverters and high-frequency transformer inverters. Currently, Sungold TL, Growatt MTL and Growatt HF lines are available in Australia.

Growatt MTL inverters are capable of taking power inputs from 2 different parallel strings of solar panels. Each of these inputs are Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) capable, meaning higher overall efficiency and greater solar system energy yield over time.

Growatt’s 5000TL inverter has attained a ‘sehr gut’ (‘very good’–96%) at average solar irradiation conditions, and ‘sehr gut +’ (96.8%) rating for high solar irradiation conditions from Photon Magazine, a widely-respected resource on solar power system components, subjecting solar panels and inverters to rigorous testing.

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Charlie Hari
Charlie Hari
00:56 13 Apr 18
Thanks to Solar Smart Qld Greg and his team for installing a total of 96 x 265 watt panels and 26.44kw SMA inverter allowing us to save in excess of $1000.00 per month on our power bill. Even after financing the total cost we are still saving in excess of $600.00 per month. The system has been running for some 8 months and has delivered what was promised by the Solar Smart Qld team. So far this system has produced 35.6mwh. As there are a lot of air conditioning equipment on the roof of our building Greg and his team designed and installed the system so that there was no shade on any solar panel, hence producing the maximum energy output. Many thanks to the team for their professional service from start to finish. I have no hesitation in recommending Solar Smart Qld (Greg & his Team) to anyone considering installation of a solar system. Keep up the good work guys. Cheers
Darin Seagrove
Darin Seagrove
00:32 29 Jun 17
A really simple and straightforward quote and a quick install that was everything that was promised, no "extra charges" no arguments or hassles. Was advised on what system was most suitable and then quoted for that system, price was all inclusive and installation was perfect, presented a few options for panel layout and allowed me to make an informed choice. great service and perfect result. Price was also better than some of the big players in the business.
Sukanya Aepjantuek
Sukanya Aepjantuek
08:49 17 Feb 17
I recently used these guys, fantastic service and no pressure. Prices were competitive and top end products like SMA investors and Canadian Solar panels were choices given amongst other leading brands all suiting my budget. From the sales rep to completion I felt looked after. I knew nothing about Solar and it took awhile for me to understand what was needed, but they were patient and understanding. I would recommend them to anyone.
Sarath Ginige
Sarath Ginige
02:49 02 Apr 17
Used this company recently for a home installation, and felt compelled to write a review as I was very happy with their very professional and prompt service. Both their office and installation team were very easy to deal with. Based on my experience, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to others.
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