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ET Solar Elite 265w Specials

Durable, long-lasting and Affordable

Contact Solar Smart Qld for some great ET Solar Elite 265w Specials. The specifications of these solar panels speak for them self with high performance at affordable prices. Specials end this month so get in touch for this great offer.

ET Solar Elite 265w Solar Panels

High Conversion Efficiency

Industry-leading processing techniques realize great module efficiency to a maximum of 16.60%, steady power output guaranteed.

Anti-reflective Coating and Reduce O&M Costs

Easier to clean by rainwater to remove dirt on the glass surface, making higher power output and lower maintenance costs.

0 to +5W Positive Tolerance

Gain more power yields than expected.

Excellent Loading Capability

2400Pa wind loads, 5400Pa snow loads.

Durable and long-lasting.

Top-quality & Trustworthy Product

Rigorous Quality Management System built.

Multiple internationally recognized PVindustry standard certifications attained.