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Ec Solar Panels

Ec Solar Panels 

ECSOLAR'S a leading edge solar manufacturer, producing superior solar cells. EC manufactures solar modules with one of the most comprehensive product portfolio in the industry, polycrystalline or monocrystalline, framed or laminated, extra large modules or normal sizes. ECSOLAR creates high performance solar modules which are tried and tested in Australian conditions.

EC SOLAR panels have earn't a solid reputation throughout Australia due to the fact that they represent the best value for money solar panels available.

Like all of our other solar panels EC manufacturer their panels to the highest standard possible, delivering high efficiency panels with positive power tolerance.


ECSOLAR (Wuxi Saijing Solar Co., Ltd) is one of the leading partially vertically integrated manufacturers of crystalline solar cells and solar modules. ECSOLAR Panels is a subsidiary of Wuxi Saijing Group, which was founded in 1980s and achieves great success in copper business and now provides powerful support for the renewable business.

EC SOLAR(Wuxi Saijing Solar Co., Ltd), with the area of 200,000m2, located in Yixing, China, operates one of the most modern production facilities, each day more than 60,000 cells and 3,000 high-performance modules come off the production line. Currently, more than 1000 employees are working in our factory, including 300 experienced researchers and engineers.
The fully integrated Ec Solar Panels production lines advanced producing and testing equipment ensure that the production from solar cells to modules is under the strict quality and cost control. 


(PDF’s)  EC SOLAR ECS Solar Panel Series

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