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Contacting Solar Smart is a smart choice as we can save you all that running around trying to work out what solar power system you really need!. Simply fill in the from to the side and we call you back! One of our Customer Care Team will ask you some simple Question to determine what Solar Power System would best fit your home.

What Happens Next & What will i Get.

 We Book your Solar Assessment

A customer Care Service representative will come to your home or business and assess the Roof/Site. This is a Service we offer to our customers free of charge and will help us better the price of your solar power installation. 

 After My Solar Appointment

At this stage you would have been provided all the relevant information on your Business or Homes appropriate Solar Power Needs, Enabling you to make a much easer & informed decision.

The Deposit

This is the stage where you place a 10% Deposit for your Solar Power Install


Your Customer Care representative will contact you to arrange a Time and Date to start your Solar Power Installation.

What Happens After the Install

After your Solar Installation you will enjoy a big saving to your Energy Bills & like most you'll be happy to see the Electricity Meter "Run Backwards" for a change. 



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